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STEC Christmas Meal

STEC Editorial

The first big step of organising the show is the completion of the show forms and getting them sent out.

So get your form back quickly so we can start to plan the show. Forms will be available on website in the next few weeks if anyone else needs one.

At the 2020 show we are not focusing on a particular year. We really want to continue with encouraging our exhibits to do the whole “re-enactment” of their exhibit. Over the last couple of years this has led to some great pictures and has really given the public a glimpse of the past.

So start looking out for those little things that make your exhibit stand out from some period dress to a vintage camping chair. I just bought myself a replica GWR firing jacket so I will look the part with our steam waggon.

As you will see we have a quiz and a trip before the show so come along: all are welcome they are a really good laugh.

Merry Christmas. See you on the Rally Field

Keith Reynolds