Our Aims & Objectives

The beginnings of the club can be traced back to 1955  when a steam party took place near Bridgwater. This gave its members the opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and to promote rallies and social activities.

Our Aims

The aims for which the Somerset Traction Engine Club (Benevolent ) Ltd has been established are:-

1. To advance the education of the members and the general public by increasing and maintaining interest in:-

  • Historic mechanically propelled vehicles including traction engines, steam rollers, and other steam vehicles.
  • Other historic machinery including fair organs and equipment and agricultural machinery and equipment.
  • Historic crafts and craftsmanship.

2. To ensure that the Somerset Traction Engine Club (Benevolent) Ltd continues its success as a Club.

  • By encouraging membership.
  • By providing an interesting and varied programme of events for members.
  • By providing good communications and access to the club’s activities via published material and the internet.

Our Objectives

  • To organise an annual traction engine rally in order to promote the club and to further its aim of educating our members and the general public.
  • To actively promote the club and ensure its ongoing success.