Trip to the Black Country Museum

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Trip to the Black Country Museum

Trip to the Black Country Museum – Sunday 12th April.

An award-winning and one of the finest and largest open-air museums in the United Kingdom, twenty six acres worth exploring, with a village and charismatic residents to chat with.

Trams to ride. Games to play. Things being made. Stories to hear. People – their triumphs to admire and troubles to be thankful that are not ours.

Time to be well spent.  email to book your place

The Black Country Museum story

Firstly, is it very important that we understand what is the big story of the Black Country? Why is its story worth the telling?

The Black Country Museum storyThe story of the Black Country is distinctive because of the scale, drama, intensity and multiplicity of the industrial might that was unleashed. It first emerged in the 1830s, creating the first industrial landscape anywhere in the world.

Beneath the smoke and glare from blast furnaces and forges, Black Country innovation, entrepreneurial and manufacturing skill established the region’s supremacy for the making of wrought iron. The Black Country also possessed important hardware and other manufactures distinctive to itself – structural ironwork, chain making, locks and keys, tube manufacture, trap making and many others – which brought fame to Black Country towns across the globe.

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